5-7 Males Invade Elderly Homeowners on Lynhurst Drive

Lynhurst Dr. residents of 50 years, in shock after brazen home invasion.

Cascade Patch has just learned the details of a home invasion Monday evening in which an elderly man and woman were held at gunpoint by 5 or more young males.

According to Officer Kim Jones,  they received an "audible alarm call in the 300 block of Lynhurst Dr.," and upon arrival the victims explained that they were robbed at gunpoint.

One of the victims advised me that she had heard noises for about an hour and was unable to go to sleep. She stated on several occasions she walked into the kitchen and noticed the blinds looked different like they had been moved. While she was in the bathroom later in the night at approximately 4:00 A.M. a male with a pink gun and red sweat pants opened the door and told her not to come out or they would shoot her. The female screamed and yelled to her husband there's a male in the house. The male had a mask on and black scull cap covering his head. - writes Officer R. Grande (unit 1406) in his police report

The incident turned much scarier as the family's grandson ran out into the bathroom to be with his grandmother, who has been ill recently.  

The male victim stated that he and his grandson were sleeping in the back bedroom when he heard his wife scream there is a male in the house. At this point several males entered his room one had a shotgun and another one had an automatic gun. The males were wearing dark clothing with hoods covering their face. The male stated that he tried not to look up at the males. The males then grabbed him by the shirt and began to push him around. The males first told him to turn the alarm off. Then they began to push him around and asked him where he kept his money. On multiple occasions the males threatened to shoot the male if he did not get them money. The male victim gave the males $700 dollars that he had in his dresser. The males also took his black bag which had his bill fold with $90 dollars in it. The bill fold also contained his driver's license and Bank of America card. The male victim said that there was approximately five to seven males in the house and all of them had guns. - Officer R. Grande

According to the police, the suspects gained entry through the side windows of the home.  They reported that all of the side windows had screens on them that were removed and still sitting on the grass.  The men must have searched for an open window, and/or several men made entry into the home from different locations.

After they took the items the males left the scene both from the front and back doors. The males attempted to steal a black Sony Plasma television but they left it in the backyard of the residence. The television was badly damaged and the screen was cracked. Fingerprints were pulled from the television. The males also stole a black/brown Lincoln jewelry box as well as a smaller black jewelry box. Inside of these boxes were approximately 40,000 dollars worth of jewelry. The jewelry taken was five diamond yellow gold rings,five pairs of diamond earrings, two multi colored bracelets, and two gold chains.

WSB-TV reports that the victims' names are Melba and Milton Seals. Milton (80 years-old) is an Army veteran and told WSB reporters, "well, I don't feel good, but I do feel good because I'm living. I thought they were going to kill me."


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