Cascade Business & Merchants Hold Cascade's Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at 6p

Bundle up and bring the family out for the Christmas Tree lighting on Cascade Road tonight

Credit - Patch
Credit - Patch
The decorations are set and the Cascade Christmas Tree is ready after the Cascade Business and Merchants Board Members had a great day on Saturday decorating the tree and the gazebo ahead of Tuesday evening's special lighting.

The tree lighting ceremony will take place on Tuesday evening, 12/10,  from 6p–7p at the gazebo next to Wendy’s on Cascade Road.  Light refreshments will be provided.

"Throughout the year, we have established wonderful relationships with many of our business neighbors.  With keen focus and due diligence in modeling the areas of our mission for CBMA (below), I am encouraged that the building of relationships will continue and all in our business community will recognize the benefits of becoming paid members ($100.00 annual dues and opportunities for other areas of sponsorship)." - Bobbie A. Powell, President -Cascade Business & Merchants Association

 CBMA Mission:

•             Unify – Common ground for all, i.e. beautification, business safety -   eyes and ears for community 

•             Increase Awareness – i.e., Monthly meetings

•             To Promote and Develop Growth– Educational Training  i.e., certifications, registrations  

·                 Develop Business Opportunities – i.e.,  economic growth  - jobs offered  to residents first, approve zoning, 

The CBMA Board members would like to thank and show gratitude to the following contributors for all of the support and time they have provided:

Commissioner Bill Edwards, Susan Gschwind-Torres, Captain Hattie Tukes, Ernest Slaughter, Judy Knowles (Keep South Fulton Clean & Beautiful), G-DOT, Eloise Ballard (Southwest Branch Fulton County Library), Fredrick Hill (South Fulton Landscape & Nursery), Elder Helen Rainey & Capri, Dr. & Mrs. Robert Crummie (Carver College), Eric Nickerson (Publix), John Perlman (Adams Realty), Terrence (Home Depot), Mary Parker (ALL(n)1 Security Services), Ramezia Watts & Cynthia Day (Citizens Trust), Sitta (Sid) Kebbay (Wal-Mart), Megan (Johnny’s Pizza), Starbucks, Sharise Reasonover (Arbor Terrace),  Mulan’s,  Appleby’s, Milton & Lamont (Rite @ Home),  Evoynne Johnson (Kroger), and my CBMA Board Members.


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