Dr. Martin Luther King Statue at the Capitol? SCLC Leaders Gather to Say Yes

Thomas E. Watson versus Dr. Martin Luther King...Who Represents Georgia better?

Dr. King’s footprint on the state of Georgia and the world is undeniable, says a SCLC press release. As a native son to the state that brought political freedoms to all of Georgians and throughout the United States and beyond, a statue is the proper symbolic replacement to a statue of Thomas Watson. 

SCLC leaders will stand in solidarity on Friday and spark a movement to erect a Dr. Martin Luther King statue outside of the Georgia Capitol building.

A news conference to support the replacement of the statue of Thomas E. Watson with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr on the steps on the capital, will be held on Friday, January 10th 2014, at 11:00am.

“Dr. King stood for all people. His legacy  stands for universal love for people of  all races, color and economic status. Mr. Watson’s legacy cannot begin to compare with that. There are many of us who feel he stood for oppression and racism. Why continue to have a statue of Mr. Watson when Dr. King represents where we are as Georgians today,” CEO Charles Steele Jr said.

Cascade area residents have always been on the forefront of civil rights issues and politics, so we encourage our Cascade Patch readers to continue on with that legacy and do whatever you can to support the building of a Martin Luther King statue at our state Capitol.


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