Atlanta Author Pens Book Series Examining Country’s Past

"Coming Clean" author, Munson, at book signing event.
"Coming Clean" author, Munson, at book signing event.

The fact that Christopher Columbus, in deed, did not discover America or that all slaves were not freed with the pronouncement of the Emancipation Proclamation is, shall we say …old news. Now come a series of new books, written by educator, speaker, activist and business entrepreneur, Alvin Boyce Munson.  The series, titled COMING CLEAN-Stories of America’s Past; Untold Stories of American History, blows the veil off text book American history and replaces it with what he calls political and historical occurrences that will shock, appall, tickle and enlighten Americans about their real history. 

The books took eight years to research and write and cover the expansive eras 1500 to 2013.  “History has always been a passion of mine.  I was frustrated, along with many colleagues, about the miss telling of American History.  So much has been left out in terms of the contributions of non-white groups,” Munson says.  “I used that passion not to write a diatribe, but to share my passion for understanding history in order to better the lives of others, especially people of color.”  He often states that history is the blueprint of the future, and if we don’t know and understand our history, then we are doomed to repeat it. The resultant book series appeals to the intellect in all of us -- youth, educators, parents -- by including numerous omitted incidents and people that shaped this country, for good and bad. 

He began his political career with the Black Muslims as a member of the Fruit of Islam.  Then in 1979, Munson became a community organizer for ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. In 1980, he marched in Miami with Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr. in support of Haitian political refugees.  When he settled in Atlanta, he joined forces with Dr. Joseph Lowery’s Jobs with Peace. 

A most defining career agenda was working with the Anti-Klan Network with Reverend C.T. Vivian, who headed the organization with Lynn Wells (later the name was changed to The Center for Democratic Renewal).  It monitored hate groups, centering on the Klu Klux Klan, and tried to get the Klan classified as a terrorist organization.  As Georgia chairperson, he led the 1988-1991 campaign run for U.S. presidential hopeful Dr. Lenora B. Fulani, of the independent New Alliance Party.  In 1991, he was present during an assassination attempt on Reverend Al Sharpton’s life, during a demonstration in Bensonhurst, New York.  Another defining moment in Munson’s social justice career came in 1993, when he ran for an At-Large Seat on the Atlanta City Council, District 15.  During his activism, he found time to earn his Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Hawaii College and a Humanities degree in 2004 from Bard College.  Born Alvin Boyce Munson on September 4, 1956, Munson grew up in Chicago’s Englewood Community, before transplanting himself to Atlanta. 

The COMING CLEAN book series was published in September, 2013, followed by successful book-signing events and speaking engagements; a second printing is planned this year. You also can watch Munson’s informative lectures on YouTube, search Alvin Munson or Raw American History; read his blog at www.rawamerhistory.wordpress.com; and visit his website: www.neweraacademy.net for commentary about and excerpts from his book series.  Additionally, he has authored other books: Bill Clinton; I Promise, 1993 and his autobiography Memories of Me; Rest in Pieces in 2010.


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