SACA Girls Rank #1 GA in “Class A” Basketball

Over the weekend Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy’s Girl Basketball team clinched the number 1 spot in basketball in the Private “Class A” Division within the State of Georgia.  Winning over Holy Innocents, the Lady Warriors capitalized on a season of hard work, discipline, excellent coaching and faith.  Pastor Wayne Thompson and Administrator Patrice Francis led a group of proud parents, teachers and well-wishers as they cheered the team on in the Macon Coliseum during the state’s final championship series.

Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy is a church-sponsored school under the administrative umbrella of Fellowship of Faith Church International located in East Point.  The school has the legacy of a strong academic program coupled with faith-based principles.  It has also been the academic training center for several major professional athletes.

Faith was in full evidence as Coach Jackie Cowan led her 7-member only team into the 4th quarter.  At that point, trailing by five points, some teams might have shown discouragement or despair.  But, not to worry, SACA had traveled to Macon to win!  The matter of the slim playing roster in no way deterred their energy or determination.  The warriors pulled together, came from behind and—NAILED IT!  They won the game 57-52 defeating the previously undefeated team from Holy Innocents.

Congratulations to the Lady Warriors, Coach Cowan, Pastor Thompson, Sister Patrice, parents of the athletes and Fellowship of Faith Church International.  Once again, you have made the community proud!


Charles Lawrence March 11, 2014 at 08:49 AM
Congrats to the SACA Girls Basketball team and also to Coach Jackie Cowan !!!!!!!............Congrats to Pastor Thompson and the entire SACA family !!!!!!!


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