SW Atlanta Regional Library Captures Special Moment in History

The recent death of former South African President Nelson Mandela has given rise to memorable tributes, international honors and significant press coverage around the world.   Upon announcement of his demise, Southwest Regional Library on Cascade Road immediately made available an admirable display of publications, documents and articles for public perusal.

Staff persons Tisa Jackson, Andrea Robinson, Lindsey Day and Devin Farmer pooled creative talents which produced an informative and attractive collection of materials located just inside the main lobby.  In an effort to embrace the rich legacy of Nelson Mandela, residents of SW Atlanta can now drop by the library and examine various publications on display. The reading materials are multi-generational and have been selected to satisfy the reading appetites of youth through adulthood.

On an ongoing basis, the popular SW Regional Library site continues to address the Southwest community residents through a wealth of professional services, information and enriching opportunities.  Patrons of the library are proud of the facility and are appreciative of such commendable effort. 

Mr. Ronald Brown serves as Branch Manager of the regional facility.  


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