Cascade Patch Gives Back and I Volunteer at Truly Living Well Urban Farm

I decided to spend my day volunteering on the farm, for our monthly Give 5 Day.

Yesterday evening was the last day for readers across the different Patches in the area to nominate and vote for their favorite charities to win at Patch donation up to $3,000.  As of last count over 2,500 people voted and showed their committment to help out.

Since my readers were so generous with their votes and their time, and because every month we choose a day to give back to the community and volunteer, I decided that today would be a great day.

The sun was out and I felt like it was a perfect day to get out and play in the dirt.  Unfortunately, decided all this at the last minute, so I did not know who would let me just walk up and start volunteering.  That is when I remembered and their founder Rashid Nuri.

TLW Center for Natural Urban Agriculture is a 501(c)3 non-profit. TLW’s vision is to use quality local food production as a platform to provide a range of educational and entertainment activities.  This will
return a measure of enjoyment and community involvement to the production and consumption of food.

Since its launch in 2006, Truly Living Well has grown approximately 10,000 pounds of food annually on small plots of donated land within the City of Atlanta.  The Company has developed strong support
among consumers, institutions and community advocates not only for its vision, but most satisfyingly for the superior quality of its food.

Truly Living Well has 2 locations in the City of Atlanta - East Point and in Downtown Atlanta - and more outside the city.

I arrived without calling and just said, "I want to volunteer for a few hours."
They were thrilled and told me they welcome volunteers to stop by at any time.  There is always something to do on the small urban farms and whatever you do is helpful to them and their mission. 

I personally was on weed duty, and spent the day playing in the dirt.  I absolutely loved it too!  I am a web editor, so I do not get a chance to get out and play in the dirt much : )

If you ever want to volunteer, or if you are having one of those days and you just want to get away from it all, I suggest stopping by the farm and getting your hands dirty.  No one bothers you and no one will judge you on how much you are able to accomplish...and they will be glad you helped out!


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