Is "Slave" an Occupation? According to a DeKalb County Juror Questionnaire, YES

A survey for potential jurors in Atlanta allows takers to select 'slave' as their job

Every Monday, Cascade Patch tries to find some of the best stories from around the region that is must-see news.  Today we found a report on Newsy, via On.AOl, where it was discovered that DeKalb County Courthouse is using the word slave as an occupation for potential jurors to select as their own.

According to the report, "a survey for potential jurors in Atlanta allows takers to select 'slave' as their job," and it is no surprised that people have been outraged that in 2013 these sort of games and/or 'mistakes' are still happening in Georgia.

A juror recently noticed the option to identify herself as a Slave when she was attempting to type in the word Sales.   DeKalb authorities  say that there is no way to tell how long the word had been on the list nor how it ever gotten onto the list, but they say that it has been removed.

What Are Your Thoughts?  When Will Overt/Covert Racism Be Purged from Georgia?


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