NPU-O Meeting Scheduled Dec. 11

Meeting called to address an unusual number of applications received for December.

We will be having a called meeting of NPU-O today, Dec. 11 at 6:30 p.m. at the Branham Recreation Center, 2051 Delano Drive NE, to address an unusual number of applications received for December and the meeting will address only those.

Please note that City of Atlanta Planning no longer honors the December deferral of NPU-O items to January and will simply process them without any community oversight or engagement at all.

The applications include:

  • 250 Elvan Ave
    • Variance to increase allowed building height from 35' to 37'
  • 2137 Wisteria Way
    • Variance to reduce front yard setback from 30' to 20' and increase driveway width from 20' to 22'
  • 364 Murray Hill
    • NOTE: Parcel is zoned C-1. These variances are related to detached single family residence construction.
      • Variance to reduce transitional side yard from 20' to 7'.
      • Variance to eliminate opaque screen requirement in side yard.
  • 1685 Memorial Drive (for discussion only)
    • Special Use Permit (SUP) to allow "Private Outdoor Vending" at a site formerly used as such for years. Application followed citation for code/zoning violation.

Mr. Williamson is chairman of Neighborhood Planning Unit-O, which includes East Lake, Kirkwood, Edgewood and the Villages of East Lake.


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