NPU-T Election Time - Want to be a Leader in Your Community?

We are accepting nominations for all NPU-T positions.

Hello Community! 

It's that time of year :) We are accepting nominations for all NPU-T positions.

Consider making the sacrifice and getting involved from the Planning Unit level to help further the revitalization of all our SW neighborhoods. It is not enough to have a a few stable STREETS within NPU-T. We must continue to work on behalf of ALL our neighborhoods, and work along with the surrounding NPU's to ensure we ALL reap the benefit of growth and positive change.

Please submit your nominations to  scott@nputatlanta.org .  We will have the floor open for nominations at the November meeting prior to the elections.  

All Roles:
Vice Chair
Recording Secretary

To find out more about each role and the responsibilities, see the bylaws HERE Please be mindful, your service is needed within our communities.

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