NPU-T Meeting Tonight with 2013 Elections and Latest Zone 1 & Zone 4 Crime Reports

NPU-T holds its neighborhood meeting on the second Wednesday of every month.

Greetings Community!  

I hope this will find you all well.  I have been praying, and like many of you- working hard for the restoration of our communities and safe neighborhoods.

As with anything, the more we pray and work the more we are met with additional challenges.  During the past few weeks NPU-T and other Southwest neighborhoods have experienced an increase in crime. These crimes have lead to the loss of great people working on our behalf.

Please join us as we persevere, as a community, to obtain information from our Police Department and other community servants of how we can continue to be safe. Zone 1 & 4 will also have updates on the recent activity.  

Council-member Cleta Winslow will be present and provide information from her office. You may not know of the many initiatives Ms. Winslow has supported, donated to or organized, and this is a great time to get reacquainted with our elected representative. Council-member Winslow is not only our City Council Representative, but our neighbor living right in the middle of Historic West End! Let's not forget to work with those we elect to ensure we are moving in the right direction.  

In addition, NPU-T will hold elections tomorrow. Have you nominated anyone for an NPU office? We will accept nominations from the floor.   

Please find attached our agenda-it's packed! There is no room for any additional announcements, if you have information please feel free to bring flyers and leave at the sign-in desk (take them when you leave).  

I look forward to seeing you at 7pm.

Meeting Location: Empire Board of Realtists 686 Joseph Lowery Blvd (Between Oglethorpe Ave & RDA)


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