Obituary: Eugene ‘Gene’ Harold Bowens Sr., a Treasured Member of the Atlanta community

Eugene Harold Bowens has died at the age of 78. He was laid to rest on December 1st at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Eugene Harold Bowens Sr. or "Gene" as most of his friends called him, died on November 23rd at the age of 78.  He was laid to rest on December 1st at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Southwest Atlanta.

Mr. Bowens was a man revered by many and after news of his passing spread, he received accolades from politicians, community members, and even organizations like The Atlanta Beltline for which he served in the past.

Bowens had been in the hospital before his death, and was looking forward to getting well enough to leave and spend Thanksgiving with his extended family.  Unfortunately, just as Mr. Bowens was leaving the hospital he had a stroke and was forced to return. 

According to his in-depth obituary in the AJC, Eugen Bowens died the next day as his family gathered at his bed side.

Bowens is survived by his 3 children, his wife, a brother, 5 sisters, and seven grandchildren.


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