St. Paul's Church on Peyton Road Invites You to an Event for the Children of Haiti and Bois Blanc

St. Bartholomew's & St. Paul's of Atlanta cordially invites you to An Evening for Haiti - Benefiting the Children of Bois Blanc.

St. Bartholomew's & St. Paul's of Atlanta cordially invites you to An Evening for Haiti - Benefiting the Children of Bois Blanc on September 28 at the Marriott Courtyard in Decatur.   The school Bois Blanc, located in Haiti, is a small school that is supported by these 2 local churches.  With their help they are able to help children learn to read, write, and become valuable students.

Cascade Patch was able to sit down with one of the Atlanta members of the organization, Carol Lyle, for 2 brief questions:

Why is it so important to continue to help Haiti?
Despite the flood of attention and promises of aide to Haiti since the earthquake in 2010, very little progress has been made.  The people of the rural area of Bois Blanc, though not directly affected by the earthquake, have lived in extreme poverty for many years. By working toward these improvements in  education, health, and nutrition, we hope that the St. Marc's School will provide a brighter future for the children of Bois Blanc and serve as a beacon of hope to the community.

When did you organization begin its Haiti work and what progress has been made since?
St. Bartholomew's and St. Paul's Episcopal Churches, Atlanta, have been working in partnership with the St. Marc's School in Bois Blanc for the past five years.  We provide financial support for the teacher's salaries and for uniforms for the children, support for a lunch program for the students ( which was expanded to 4 days a week earlier this year, and we have sent medical teams on a yearly basis to help provide basic health care for the students and adults of the community.  Our goals are to improve the school building (now only two rooms) by adding bathrooms, a kitchen, and additional classrooms; to further expand the lunch program; provide regular visiting nurse checks for the children; and improve the educational programs offered.

Visit Bois Blanc to learn more about the school and visit here to purchase tickets to the event in Atlanta.


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