SW Atlanta's Own, T.I., Launches New Charity and Gives Back to Homeless Veterans

Clifford "T.I." Harris and the Veterans Empowerment Organization have teamed up for a public service and information campaign addressing the urgent need to help facilitate and increase housing and supportive services for homeless veterans.


On Friday, December 14th, local veterans who have been down on their luck and have found themselves to be homeless in the country they have served, will receive some major support in their corner.  Mega superstar and SW Atlanta native, Clifford "T.I." Harris will announce a new partnership between his charity, Give Like a King and the Veterans Empowerment Organization of Georgia (VEO).

T.I. who is known for his chart-topping rap music and his hit TV show on VH1, has always tried to give back to the community and to those less fortunate.  The announcement on Friday will again solidify his humanitarian spirit, while helping out those that have served this country honorably and deserve much better.  The Give Like King organization intends to support these veterans through fundraising, advocacy, and public service.

The VEO of Georgia located to 373 West Lake Ave. has been recently refurbished by The Home Depot Team.  The VEO runs a 60 bed transitional housing facility for veterans: 40 transitional beds and 20 permanent supportive housing beds.

According to a press release, "The GIVE Like a King/VEO partnership focuses on addressing the startling statistics surrounding veteran homelessness. More than one million veterans are at risk of becoming homeless, while tens of thousands of former service members are already living without shelter."

The timing of the outreach and awareness campaign is particularly crucial because of the approaching Fiscal Cliff that is all the talk in the national news.  If the Defense cuts go through as planned, there will be an automatic limiting of vital benefits for veterans that will automatically take effect in 2013.

Clifford “T.I.” Harris launched GIVE LIKE A KING to encourage and inspire his fans and individuals around the world to give back and get involved.  He has said that he will use his voice to champion well-needed causes around the globe, beginning with Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO), which services homeless veterans.  T.I. and VEO have partnered for GIVE Like a King, a public information campaign addressing the urgent need to help facilitate and provide housing and supportive services for homeless veterans.

It is always amazing to see how T.I. works.  He could have launched this new world-wide charity anywhere and with any cause as its first, but again T.I. shows love to his hometown first and challenges all of us at home in SW Atlanta to be better stewards and citizens.

Stay tuned, next week Cascade Patch will have photos and video from the launch on the new partnership!

Gladys Turner Lee December 12, 2012 at 06:21 AM
Excellent mission T.I. You have a "big" heart; to whom much is given, much is required! God bless and keep you! Gladys T. Lee Brooks County, Georgia
AMayrie December 12, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Ditto, Gladys Turner Lee's comment in its entirety. Proud of T.I. He always remembers the community. This particular charitable act is so needed. Our veterans suffer way too much considering all that they've given to 'their' country. They should be taken care of the rest of their days...not simply discarded like trash once they've been used up.


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