Zion Hill Baptist Celebrates Oukumo and the Rites of Passage of their Youth

Oukumo is the closing ceremony or graduation of adolescent male and female students from the ZHBC Rites of Passage Program.

Zion Hill Baptist Church located at 6175 Campbellton Road in Atlanta will present the “Oukumo Closing Ceremony” Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. Admission is FREE. 

Oukumo is the closing ceremony or graduation of adolescent male and female students from the ZHBC Rites of Passage Program.  The theme for this 2012 ceremony is The Serengeti: African Pride.

Over forty students enrolled in the 13-week program have been infused with historical tenets of Christian faith and African American culture--newfound knowledge to build bridges of strength, pride, and determination for future success as leaders in the local and global community.

With the program in its 18th year, the graduates ages 13 to 18 will join over 400 other proud alumni having completed the program since its beginning in 1994. They are the young men (Adigun Nkosi) and the young women (Kentake) who will symbolically crossover from youth to adulthood, joined by family and friends to celebrate their journey from adolescence to adulthood.

Mrs. Sheila Parker, wife of Pastor Aaron L. Parker and Coordinator of the Rites of Passage Program, explains, “This year’s theme, The Serengeti: African Pride likens our youth to the cubs of the African lion’s pride and coming of age. And, further uses the Christian biblical reference as children of the “Lion of Judah” with the blessing of elders who have imparted to them crucial life lessons that prepare them to approach life with knowledge and training in their roles as Kingdom royalty.”

The Rites of Passage Program is one of the many programs designed to engage and empower the youth of Zion Hill and other youth invited from throughout the community to take advantage of an opportunity for this unique training. The public is invited to experience the closing program and the significant accomplishment as the students graduate from one of the most advanced programs of its kind within the context of the church and youth ministry.

For more information about the Zion Hill Baptist Church Rites of Passage Program and the Okumo, call 404-691-8025 or go to www.zionhill.org.


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