Gordon Parks' Photography Exhibit at Cascade's Arnika Dawkins Gallery to be Extended

The Gordon Parks Exhibit at Arnika Dawkins Gallery has been extended.

According to Arnika Dawkins, the wonderful Gordon Parks exhibition, The Segregation Story, has been extended so that more people have a chance to see this rare and beautiful photography collection.

Thank you for posting the details about the Gordon Parks Exhibition currently on view at Arnika Dawkins Gallery!

The images have resonated well with the community and we have decided to extend its run until March 29!

The Segregation Story is a wonderful exhibition of vividly beautiful images that were originally published by Life magazine in 1957, others were recently discovered by the Gordon Parks Foundation and made available in commemoration of what would have been Mr. Parks' centennial.

Gordon Parks was commissioned by Life magazine to create a portrait of segregation in the South for an article titled; The Restraints: Open and Hidden.

The experience was a harrowing one for Parks, narrowly escaped an ambush by vigilantes with tar and feathers. After publication, members of the Thornton Family, whom he chronicled for the story, had their home and belongings confiscated. Once the editors of Life heard of this development, they promptly flew to Alabama in an attempt to have the family’s belongings returned to them. It became clear that the mayor of the town was not pleased with the media attention, as a result Life relocated the family and gave them twenty-five
thousand dollars to resettle elsewhere.

SPECIAL EVENT: In conclusion of the Gordon Parks Segregation Story Exhibition, Arnika Dawkins Gallery is pleased to host a closing reception on March 29, 2013, from 6:00pm until 9:00pm, additionally we will host a screening of Parks’ first directed film, The Learning Tree.

arnett Greene February 14, 2013 at 02:59 AM
This extension and exibition is so wonderful for the citizens of Atlanta/ Congrats to you, Your Dad


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