Local Cascade Native, David Gaither, Impresses with Upcoming Art Exhibition

David Gaither is known for his expansive paintings, which combine warm, bright, colors with innovative shapes, organic feeling/expression, contemporary technology and pioneering methods.

David Gaither. Credit: Marc Richardson
David Gaither. Credit: Marc Richardson
David Gaither is a young artist from the Cascade area who will be holding a special art exhibition at the acclaimed Stuart McLean Gallery in Inman Park on Friday evening, August 23rd from 5p.m. - midnight.  Art lovers from across the region will be in attendance to both get a chance to talk with the artist and also purchase works of art.

According to Gaither's bio, "he has worked in various genres of art, ultimately transitioning to unique methods reflecting his own style, as well as his heritage, culture and world travels. The unique methods involve a fusion of light with chromatic experimentation, where colors and shapes complement and contrast one another to create beautiful experiences."

Maximalism is the word David uses to describe his current works of art.  "An expression of the infinite possibilities," is what he sees on the canvasses he has created.

David Gaither is a high school graduate of Frederick Douglass High School and did his undergrad studies at Morehouse College.  Though he has a strong business background, he says he has never wavered from his desire to do art and showcase his creative side.  In fact, his advice to children interested in art is to be determined. "Keep producing what you love," is what he told Cascade Patch.

Incredibly this artist/businessman has even more accolades to his name.  Reading his bio, we were reminded that the Cascade native, "has been an inventor since a very early age, and has patented various technological innovations, such as internal lacing mechanisms for various forms of footwear."  The biography goes on to say that he has,  "amassed an extensive body of inventions over decades which he plans to patent and develop at some point of time in his life."

Cascade Patch has a number of local residents that are leaders within their chosen industries and are pushing the envelope.  Mr. David Gaither is right in-line with all of them.  He is an innovator and will continue to be supported by his Cascade community.

Please take time to visit Gaither's exhibit at the Stuart McLean Gallery on Friday, August 23rd from 5 p.m. to midnight.


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