Opening Night: 'A Conversation between Malcolm X and President Obama' at SW Arts Center

"A Conversation between Malcolm X and President Obama" is playing at SW Arts Center from March 15-17.

Have you ever thought, what if President Obama had a conversation with Martin Luther King or Malcolm X?  Local playwright, Jacqueline Clay Chester, obviously pondered this question and has now created a play titled, “A Conversation between Malcolm X and President Obama.”

SW Arts Center will showcase the One Act play for 3 exclusive dates, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, March 15-17, 2013. 

Set inside the White House in the President’s private sitting area several months after the 2008 election, a slightly fatigued President Obama is relaxing and enjoying a few moments of solitude when the sound and appearance of Malcolm X startles him. The encounter sets the stage for an interesting, intriguing, and heartfelt conversation. 

“I always had an affinity to Malcolm X,” Ms. Chester shared when asked why she chose Malcolm X.  “Even though I’d heard people say they didn’t like him because he was so angry, I knew underneath his anger there was a reason.  If they knew him they would understand where his anger came from,” Chester said.

According to producers there is a non-political tone to the production, and it has persistently aroused audiences that have seen it.

For tickets and showtimes, please see our Announcements Page.


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