Wolf Creek Forced to Cancel Show due to Low Ticket Sales - Angie Stone "Upset"

Wolf Creek Amphitheatre cancelled Angie Stone's June 9th concert due to low ticket sales.

Recording Artist, Angie Stone, was scheduled to perform at on Saturday June 9th, but the show was just 2 days before.

There was little warning for those that did have a ticket, but outlets like Cascade Patch and Twitter carried the information to the public, and tickets were refunded to paying customers.  At that point, there seemed to be no drama...

But a few days later Angie Stone questions the cancellation.

A press release from Wish Creative Media was sent out early this week quoting Angie Stone as being surprised by the cancellation.  “A member of my band told me he heard the show was canceled.  I never received an official notification from the venue or anyone from the county of the cancellation until I contacted them on the 7th to get details of the cancellation,” says Stone.

When I approached Wolf Creek Amphitheater about the statement, they assured me that, "Ms. Stone’s agent was well aware of our concern (about ticket sales) and intent prior to rescheduling." A Wolf creek representative even supplied me with the email that was sent to Mr. Blackman, Stone's agent, dated June 6th at 3pm.

In the email Sandra Ward, Wolf Creek Coordinator, sends Mr. Blackman of ICM Talent a copy of the Media Release announcing the cancellation and says, "As we discussed, we can work out the details for rescheduling a concert before the end of Summer, 2012 that will be amicable for both parties."

In the end, it looks like there is no smoke nor fire.  In the Wish Creative Press Release, Angie Stone seems to be talking to her fans and expressing disappointment that the show is cancelled.  Stone says, “Atlanta is one of my favorite markets, I receive a lot of love and support from my fans, – we are looking at other opportunities and hope to put on a great show in ATL very soon.” 

Wolf Creek Amphitheater has pretty much said the same thing both publicly and privately saying, "We look forward to hosting her later this summer and expect a successful and entertaining concert from one of our valued hometown talents. We believe that we have a good relationship with Ms. Stone and intend to keep it that way."

So, if you are an Angie Stone fan keep your eyes out for an upcoming late summer concert!
And to our SW Atlanta fans, lets keep supporting Wolf Creek concerts.  This is such a good music arena and right in Southwest Atlanta, so lets make sure to support it and its concerts.

michelle June 15, 2012 at 01:50 PM
Hey Angie Stone you should have Soul For Real open up for you!!! 90's R&B @ soulforreal1 twitter
M Jackson June 15, 2012 at 02:31 PM
I guess I (and perhaps others in this area) am out of things because I don't know who she is...


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