Atlanta Daily World Sells its Historic Building on Auburn, but the History Remains

Auburn Avenue to see more changes, but attempts to keep its history.

145 Auburn Avenue, google maps.
145 Auburn Avenue, google maps.
The year 2014 marks the 86th year of operation for Atlanta Daily World, which is known as the first successful black-owned daily newspaper in the 20th century. The ADW started as a weekly in or around 1928 and became a daily in 1932.

The Scott family, including the ADW founder William A. Scott, II, owned the building located at 145 Auburn Avenue for over 60 years, so it is with sadness that the family has decided to let it go.  The ADW moved out of the building following the 2008 tornado that severely damaged the building. Without adequate resources to bring the building up to code, family members determined it was better to sell than see the building razed.

M. Alexis Scott, publisher of Atlanta Daily World, said that family members are happy that the historic nature of the building will be preserved. 

Gene Kansas | Commercial Real Estate (GK|CRE), one of Atlanta’s premiere commercial brokerage firms is proud to announce the acquisition of the building at 145 Auburn Avenue, and says it plans to keep its historic feel.

“We will restore the building and bring it back to its former vibrancy,” said Gene Kansas for the new ownership group.  “We will continue to celebrate the illustrious history of this publication and the impact that The Scott Family had in making and recording history on Auburn Avenue since 1928.”

Kansas said he plans to keep the plaques on the door that recognize the significance of the ADW history.  “We want to make sure that we maintain a repository for this history,” Kansas said. “The Atlanta Daily World has been an asset, not only to this community, but to our national identity as well.” Kansas who also handles leasing at neighboring Sweet Auburn Curb Market  elaborates, “The Daily World derives a cultural gestalt that symbolizes and embodies more than a building, rather it is representative of history, of legacy, and stands as an important contribution to the preservation of community. “

M. Alexis Scott, publisher of Atlanta Daily World, said “this is a win-win situation,” Scott said. “We are thrilled to know that the rich history of ADW will continue to be recognized on Auburn Avenue.”

The renovations will include live and work spaces, in keeping with the building’s history which preceded its use by the ADW, when Scott Family members acquired it in the 1940s.

“We are happy to know that future generations who visit Auburn Avenue will continue to learn about the pioneers who helped make Atlanta the place that it is today,” said Scott, who is third-generation publisher and granddaughter of the founder.

Now, housed on Desert Drive at the Airport Office Park, the ADW has a digital daily presence online at www.adwnews.com and is printed once a week on Thursdays.


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