Join the Tri-Cities Business Exchange in December - Network with Fellow Business Owners

Network in your own community. We are here for the businesses of College Park, East Point and Hapeville. We also serve Unincorporated College Park (Fulton and Clayton counties)

Submitted by the Tri-Cities Business Exchange

Thanks to all who have participated in the Tri-Cities Business Exchange thus far!  We are here for the businesses of College Park, East Point and Hapeville.  We also serve Unincorporated College Park (Fulton and Clayton counties)

One thing that our meetings focus on is making sure that people are passing leads and referrals.  We know that in groups such as ours, you want to make sure you are getting business contacts.  We require that you make contact with anyone you meet in the group within 48-60 hours of the meeting.  

When you come to the meeting, have in mind of other business that you know that someone may need to benefit from.  Groups like ours only work if you participate and take advantage of the opportunities.  All too often, business owners expect others to do it for them.  We have accountability and responsibility mechanisms within our organization.  

We have various activities such as speed networking, group activities, flash networking and motivational exercises to keep you engaged and involved in the group.  We have many things in store for 2013 that we will annouce soon! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012 Early Morning Business Connections.  Network before you head to the office!  Come join us at the Barbeque Kitchen at 1437 Virginia Avenue in College Park.  We will meet from 8:15am to 9:30am.  Admission is $5 (exact change please).  Breakfast items start at $2.50.  Please be reminded that the restaurant does not accept debit/credit cards.

Thursday, December 13, 2012 Lunch, Leads and Connections.  Come join us at Spoon's Smookehouse Barbeque Restaurant and Bar.  The restaurant is located at 5040 Old National Highway in College Park. We will meet from 1:00-2:15pm.  Admission is $5 (exact change please) and lunch starts at $5.99.  This is our last meeting of 2012.  We will take the rest of the year off for the holiday season.


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