Patch Partners Supports Small Businesses in Southwest Atlanta

AOL Chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong gives advice to small business owners via Patch Partners.

There are a countless number of small businesses in Southwest Atlanta. Some of them may be places you and your family frequent, businesses that have been in the Cascade area for as long as you can remember. And some may be your go-to places instead of national chains.

AOL Chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong may stand behind a global brand, but he believes in the power of small businesses. In his recent interview with Patch Partners, a website connecting business owners to Patch in local communities, he offered his insight into what can set a small business above the rest of the competition.

Small businesses can hold a lot of power if they are intuitive with their customer base, Armstrong said.

“Small businesses can be nimble and can have intimate relationships with their customers. Knowing what their customers want is a very big advantage.”

Remember who negotiates deals, movie roles and other assignments for celebrities?  She spoke of something her mother told her that has stuck with her throughout her business venture:

“My mom always told me if you see something that needs to be done, nobody should have to ask you, you should just do it,” Tumey said.

Armstrong also noted that real success lies in what your business offers that the competitors do not.

“The advice I would give is the same advice I give myself—how do you create a differentiated and time-saving experience versus your competition? If a consumer cannot tell another consumer what unique benefit you offer, you might be missing an opportunity,” he said.

Here are a few of the local businesses we have profiled in the past:

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Another way to support locally owned small businesses is to participate in American Express's Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24. Last year, over 100 million people participated in this day dedicated to supporting small businesses.

There are more articles and interviews about small businesses on Patch Partners, where you can also sign up for the Patch Partners newsletter and Patch Partners Twitter feed to stay better informed, grow your small business and strengthen your community.

TELL US: If you are a small business owner, did you find this information useful? If you are a patron of small businesses, do you agree with this advice? What are your favorite local businesses, and why?


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