Spondivits in Hot-Water after Racial Term Used to Describe Interracial Couple

When does a descriptive term become racist?

Spondivits has scrambled to offer an apology and a man has been fired after an Army sergeant who just returned from Kuwait and his wife were described in a derogatory fashion by the restaurant's valet staff.

According to WSB, "when Candea and her husband Sam got home they noticed the tag left by the man who they say valet parked their car, with the words "jungle fever," a derogatory slur used to describe interracial couples."

Spondivits says that the company that works their valet is APS, and that the employee in question no longer works for the company.

The husband and wife rightly told news outlets that they were, "appalled," and hurt by the hand-written message.  WSB is reporting that the valet attendant was African-American himself.

What Are Your Thoughts?  Should the valet have been fired for leaving a derogatory, yet descriptive message like that on the couple's key ring?


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