Wine Styles Cascade Closing Dec. 31

Owner recommends three regional Wine Styles locations to loyal customers.

After more than five years of business on Cascade Road, Wine Styles owner Ron Frieson announced, in an email shortly after 8 p.m., that the business will close on Sat., Dec. 31st.

The following is the text of his letter:

It has been a pleasure to be the first WineStyles franchise in an urban community and I really appreciate all the support that has been shown by our friends and fellow wine lovers. We believe that many palates have been developed and the appreciation of wine has grown as a result of our existence.

For those of you who would like to continue to enjoy the WineStyles concept, I would recommend that you visit the other WineStyles locations in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area:

1350 Scenic Highway 124, Snellville

3625 Dallas Highway, Marietta

6255 Zebulon Road, Macon

Please know that we will continue our investment in the Cascade community by focusing attention on our sister business, Landon's Restaurant and Bar, located a few steps away from WineStyles Cascade. We look forward to some exciting changes in 2012 and our continued connection to the community.

Stop in and see us at WineStyles before December 31st.

We'll have a little treat for our loyal wine club members on December 30th.  Any wine club members who have not picked up their montly wines by December 31, may do so later at Landon's Restaurant and Bar.

Thanks again for all the memories and remember......"Wine is Good with Anything at Anytime!"

  Ron Frieson, Owner

Janita Poe December 17, 2011 at 07:58 PM
Great list, Dominique (I remember most, if not all)... So, what do we do to keep the business district here? We are a RARE African-American community with thriving(?) businesses in our community. Most black communities, unfortunately, have nothing but blight. What do we do??!?
Leslye "JOY" Allen December 17, 2011 at 09:49 PM
I really, really hate this closing. I am a wine drinker. I received my "farewell" email from WineStyles. However, part of the plan is to keep a wine tasting component going at Landon's. According to my email update, the plan is to begin some remodeling of Landon's in 2012 to accommodate former WineStyle's wine tasters and customers. I'm hoping this works out for the best. I hate to see this place go. Whenever I went by there to pick up some wine, I would spend over thirty minutes talking with whoever was behind the counter.
Glen McDaniel December 17, 2011 at 10:36 PM
@Janita: I am very curious to hear the business case/explanation of the owners of Wine Styles. Was it under-patronized and unprofitable or simply a decision to change focus and concentrate on Landon's? @ Bobby, I know your focus is different, but now an opening exists, a loyal clientele exists, the buidling and infrastructure are there (hint, hint!).
Dominique Huff December 17, 2011 at 11:10 PM
@Janita, the good thing is the Fulton County portion of Cascade is not blighted. Our neighbors in Mableton are dealing with business erosion but they also have blight and crime issues. We need to shop local and do more to support our businesses. Our businesses need to make sure they are marketing and advertising themselves. Yes, advertising costs but you can't thrive being a best kept secret. Fulton County has finally gotten off their duffs and started working on FIB, now they need to come up with a plan for Old National and Cascade. I am working on an investigative feature to discuss the business erosion in many areas and want to have it released in late January.
Dominique Huff December 17, 2011 at 11:13 PM
@Tammy. Commissioner Bill Edwards tells us one of our major problems on Cascade is that we simply don't have the daytime population to provide a lunchtime dining and shopping crowd. He was asked several years ago at a town hall on why the county couldn't attract more major upscale eateries and retailers to Cascade. We do have some office space but not enough occupancy or density to provide us with that push. The unfortunate part about the office space on Cascade, there are several vacancies within those units and many small businesses-entrepreneurs are still working from home due to those costs.


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