Are You a Supporter of Black Friday or of Buy Nothing Day?

Some will head to the stores for the frenzied shopping spree known as Black Friday on Nov. 23, and others will stay home in support of Buy Nothing Day? What do you plan to do?

Supporters of Buy Nothing Day are urging consumers to go “cold turkey” when it comes to shopping on Black Friday.  What did you do for Black Friday?

According to a story in Adbusters.org, abstaining on Buy Nothing Day can give participants a great sense of emancipation and empowerment. Supporters urge that this is the best way to take on the forces of capitalism. A reported 60 counties have signed on to participate this year in Buy Nothing Day. They even have the following suggestions on how to celebrate it:

  • Credit Card Cut Up: Stand in a shopping mall with a pair of scissors and a sign offering a simple service: to put an end to extortionate interest rates and mounting debt with one considerate cut.
  • Zombie Walk: The cheerful dead wander around malls, marveling at the blank, comatose expressions on the faces of shoppers. The zombies are happy to be among their own kind, but slightly contemptuous of those who have not yet begun to rot.
  • Whirl-Mart: You and nine of your closest friends silently drive your shopping carts around in a long, inexplicable conga line without ever actually buying anything.

So how will you be celebrating tomorrow? Will you be in long lines taking in the bargains offered by Black Friday doorbusters? Or will you be doing the Zombie Walk or the Whirl-Mart conga line in protest?


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