'High-End' Westchase Park Apartments Piled High with Trash and Rodents

Reports of 2 mountains of trash piling high at a luxury apartment building.

Residents of Westchase Park Apartments located near Fulton Industrial and Boat Rock Rd. at 1104 Westchase Lane have garnered the attention of TV news media in their fight for trash removal from their complex.

The Westchase Apartments, which are billed as "high-end" and "luxurious" place to live, do not seem so at the current time, because according to residents there are 2 mountains of awful smelling trash that has been collecting for weeks.

According to 11Alive.com, "the pile is in two categories: Mountain A has rotting foodstuffs, diapers and leaking plastic bags. And Mountain B is old sofas and Christmas trees. And of course when garbage sits, it draws a crowd."

The crowd in this instance is a number of Wharf rats, other rodents, and who knows what other diseases or creatures may be growing.

Residents that live in the apartments directly above the mess, told 11Alive that this sort of thing occurs every month.  That the trash piles up, then they move it, and then it begins piling up all over again.

The apartment complex had no official comment on the matter.  A person who works at the complex told informed me unofficially that the problem has been resolved.  I was told that the problem was due to the changing of management, and now the new management is in control of the trash pick-up situation. 

Though I could not enter the property, I did manage to see one of the normal trash dumps that the apartment building has.  It was not visually overrun with trash on Thursday afternoon, but there was trash outside of the large receptical. 

Cascade Patch will continue to check on the situation in the weeks to come to see if the problem has truly been fixed.

Connie King January 10, 2013 at 12:35 PM
This complex has had this problem since 2010, which is when I moved. I complained and complained and they did nothing. I lived in building 600 which is next to the dumpster and it was horrible along with the crime and elements they allowed to live there for free.


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