Photos: Workers Remove Holyfield's Belongings from Foreclosed Mansion

Evander Holyfield's mansion which was spotted being "relieved" of all of its belongings.

WSB Channel 2 Chopper spotted workers with vans, emptying out Evander Holyfield's former home in Fayette county.  According to the report, "Holyfield’s 109-room mansion was sold in a foreclosure auction in March."

There is not much more to this story, but it is the end to an era. For such a long time, the Holyfield mansion stood near Fairburn as a symbol of the great boxer's era.  That time is now long and gone.  I wonder who will buy the mansion.  It was supposedly sold back to the bank for around $7 million, Mr. Holyfield owed around $14 million still on it.


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