Video: Zone 1 Commander Discusses Attempted Rape of a Local 12 year-old Student

Destiny Williams, a 12 year-old Kennedy Middle School student told police a man attempted to rape her on Dec. 10th

Zone 1 Commander, Major Quiller, informed concernced NPU-T residents on the latest that Atlanta Police are doing in response to a possible attempted rape of a middle school student on Camilla Street in the Kennedy School area.

Quiller stated that school detectives as well as the sex crimes unit and his precinct are all investigating the crime and looking for the suspect.  He said they have stepped up their patrols, "everywhere they think a student might be walking to school."

No suspect has been identified as yet, but Destiny Williams was able to give a decent description of the suspected perpetrator.  She described him as a heavy-set, light skinned man with a scruffy beard and a limp.

M. Blount December 18, 2012 at 12:35 PM
I wish I could get media coverage of the area. There are prositutes, johns and drug addictes walk the street all day long. I have tried contacted the Major about this problem but the officer had no clue about the incident. That same thing can said about Councilmember C. Winslow. I have also contacted her office about this area. There's an officer that lives a few doors down from all of this activity.
Barbara Simpson December 18, 2012 at 06:03 PM
I remember about 10 years ago; student walking to Kennedy was raped in a vacant house on Pond St. Although, it was not my child. Your Child, My Child, Our Children, Inc. now CCAPS (Concerned Citizens Atlanta Public Schools) swung into action. The Honorable Mayor, Bill Campbell put up $5000.00 reward; HN Liquor Store offered $2,000.00; total amount of reward was $7,000.00. YMOC organized "community watch dogs," we did not stop making sure every child was safe to walk to Kennedy Middle School, until the suspect was caught. Not only was the suspect caught, the homeowner was fined under the "Code Enforcement Department." safetyfirstforallchildren


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