World Changers' pastor, Creflo Dollar arrested under Battery Charges

Pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested due to battery charges.

Friday morning in Fayette County, Pastor Creflo Dollar was taken into custody and arrested for simple battery according to an early WSB report.

Details have yet to be released concerning the victim and when the initial incident happened. A $5000 bond was set for Pastor Dollar.  As he was leaving the jail this morning, WSB reports that he said, “I just love my kid. Love ‘em. Same problem every parent’s going through.”

UPDATE: 11Alive.com is reporting that the police report states that Creflo Dollar got into a physical argument with his 15 year-old daughter and she was the one that called police.  She made claims of being choked and the responding officer saw a scratch near her neck.

Creflo Dollar is the founder of World Changers Church in College Park, GA.  The congregation has roughly 30,000 members and an extensive network of ministries spanning 10 cities.

Over the years, Creflo Dollar and other mega-church leaders have come under national scrutiny for preaching a "prosperity gospel".  A prosperity gospel says, "Give and you shall receive." The controversy arises because many of these mega-church leaders have super expensive homes and cars, and much of it coming from their congregation's tithe.

What are your thoughts on the preaching of the "Prosperity Gospel"? Take the Poll below.

Also tell me...How are you supposed to discipline a rowdy teen that gets physical with you? What are your methods?

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Glen McDaniel June 08, 2012 at 05:26 PM
How did it become physical? Why? I am sure it was either the devil's doing or someone mounting spiritual warfare against a "saint." Let's wait for the pastoral excuse/explanation.
JShel1 June 08, 2012 at 06:09 PM
You know raising kids these days is hard, I can admit wanting to beat my child up for doing the same thing, the difference is I'm not a megachurch pastor, and society LOVES to judge everyone especially megachurch pastors, I don't think he beat her, there would be more than a minor little scratch on her if he did. Kids get mad at us and want to hurt us, kinda trying to get us back somehow for all the NO's we told them, My 14 yr old always says he's gonna call the police on me, so I hand him the phone! Anyhow we don't know the Truth, and I'm sure it will be trown out.
JShel1 June 08, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Do you have a 15 yr old daughter Glen? By reading that comment you posted, seems to me you dont!
jerry washington June 08, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Yes there is more to it than we know. I have a 22+1 year old,I remember the arguments,the misunderstandings,everything! When mine were that age we used a combination of punishments,sp anking was definitely included. Let's wait until this matter is resolved,reserve judgment until we hear more...unless there is abuse involved...no more Eddie long stories please!
jerry washington June 08, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Happy fathers day Pastor Dollar!
Glen McDaniel June 08, 2012 at 11:24 PM
@JSher: I dont have a 15 year old daughter, but if I did I would not be in a physical altercation with her. My comments have more to do with the types of excuses given by pastors for their misgivings-the devil, enemies, the world and others. Quite apart from what MIGHT have happened here (and neither you nor I know for sure) I am talking about blaming others for every misfortune. You might be a die-hard Creflo Dollar follower, but this is a statement of wider application based on my observation of how preachers often react to crticism or foibles: whether it is Dollar, Eddie Long, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart , Randy Harry, Jim Bakker, etc etc etc etc. Without being present or seeing the evidence you have made the bold assumption about what actually happened. I will not do that. I am just suggesting that the charge (justified or not) will most likley be blamed on someone else.
M Jernice Flowers June 09, 2012 at 12:29 AM
Yes! The devil did NOT do this yet! until you yield to the FLESH then that's when/where he arrives. We know that they LOVE there Child/daugther. The rumor says that she's on drugs as well. PLUS this FILTY RAP Music teaches them to DIS-REGUARD ALL levels of Authority okay. Let's see what HIS word says. I sense that U know that. (Prov,20:20), Whoso curseth his Father & his Mother His lamp shall be put out in obscure darkness. (22;15), FOOLISHness is bound up in the heart of a CHILD but the ROD of correction shall DRIVE it far from them.(Eph.6:18), For we wrestle NOT against FLESH and BLOOD,but against wickedness in HIGH places.. Thats where the devil came in,w/ the Drugs! her attitude/rebellion...Deliverance/Salvation/Repentance/Conviction! Must be her DOOR to victory, to come into her soul.However famous or not we all want our Children to WIN the WAR of Adolescent into True Normal (GODLY)Adulthood!. We are ALLpraying like he'd asked for them to handle this privately.For this too shall PASS!... Personally I would've POPPED her butt too.. if she was mouthing off as we ALL suspect?!
M Jernice Flowers June 09, 2012 at 12:48 AM
Like Cliff responed to Theo in teh classic time in his bd-room when he wa trying to help him to u/stand when he growns up. But right then he Theo is realy fearfull of trying. If we as parents at one TIME really could do this!... What CLiff commented to him with>>>> THEO!... that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard! I'm your Father!... I brought you into this World And I can TAKE YOU OUT!... Now we know that would be murder! BUT most of our children due to this FILTY RAP Music that's destroying there souls to be so very DANG destructive!... We ma'ye have children of the devil see John 8;44-47 (v.44)Ye are of your Father the devil.(v.47)He that is of God heareth God's words; Ye therefore hear them NOT,becaue ye are NOT of GOD!..THOSE are the sinners in RAP Music their so called movement to tell the Youth be your own Grown-Up/ make your OWN rules/ so where are they when that child gets KILLED? No where around!... Okay! Selah! Pause and think on that!...Shalom!
Wes the mess without Jesus June 09, 2012 at 12:50 AM
I have been through the problem of trying to advise my teenage daughter to not go to a certain place or hang out with so and so,Her best interest at heart as any parent would do,Now she is going through the same with her daughter Thank God for Miracles
M Jernice Flowers June 09, 2012 at 02:20 AM
The prosperty GOSPEL is very REAL!..Malachi 3:6-12. will a MAN rob GOD? yet ye have robbed me...Wherein hat ye rob me> thru Not giving your tithes asn offerings!.The believeris to obey by giving. It's scriptually the LORD says when you release your money to him it proves that you LOVE HIM first!...And TRUST in HIM wholeheartldy to sow seeds of money into your heavenly bank acct, THAT a-ccredit you to be prosper down here on this side of heaven as well. But once you arrive in heaven you'll have that Manion you've sown into down here .For I go and prepare a place for you.(John 11:1)the Christian/Believer of the gospel of JESUSChrist, know that we are just passing thru to GET to the REAL place to live in eternity. Which is heaven...
Delores wynne June 09, 2012 at 09:53 AM
MR. GLEN u have no idea about raising a child .i feel some happiness in you because it happened to what you called a mega pastor that does not faise PASTOR DOLLAR .its in GOD`S HANDS Pastor Dollar is a devine man for our father and ,He`s ABOUT HIS FATHERS BUSINESS END OF STORY + + + Delores
Delores wynne June 09, 2012 at 09:55 AM
Patricia S Varner June 09, 2012 at 12:59 PM
I am a mother of 3 children, 2 of which are girls but neither is a teenager yet. With that being said, I can promise that my daughter at age 15 certainly would not be leaving my hone at 1:00 unless she was ill and needed to seek medical attention. It is true that the fact the Mr. Dollar is her father is the reason it is being reported by all the media outlets. I was a teenager not so long ago and I remember wanting to attend all the fun parties, etc. but if my mother or grandparents said no, that was the final answer and I certaintly wasn't fight with them or attempt to sneak out! Lastly, you can believe that if & when I did or said something inappropriate they would discipline me accordingly and there was never a threat or attempt by me or my siblings to call the police claiming "assault", "abuse", or anything of the like.
Eyes Wide Open June 09, 2012 at 01:01 PM
For this young woman to have the courage to call the police and for her older sister to have the courage to confirm her story speaks volumes to me. They are crying out for help. Yes its challenging raising daughters, but this man and his wife are well educated in the areas of education and mental health, what happened to turning the other cheek and walking away? I feel sorry for the daughters as so many have posted comments in defense of the Pastor and no compassion or even empathy for the daughters and what it must have taken for them to expose their celebrity father. I hope and pray that DFACS comes in and really looks at past and present matters in that home so that all can get the help that is needed. My heart goes out to the daughters for I am reading nothing from any of the responses here and other places that gives them any room to feel they can go forward in telling the whole truth of the matter or garner any understanding as to the terror they felt and must feel from the threat or the possibility of more abuse whether emotional or verbal for surely this will cause their dad's and mother's pocketbooks to be affected, maybe one of them should step out of the spotlight and tend to the sheep in their own home for surely their children are crying out even if it was thru 911. This family needs our prayers and less surmising and excuses, as it is with all things, the naked truth will show up.
Marc Richardson (Editor) June 09, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Thank You for a lively discussion on Pastor Creflo Dollar! All of us have valid points. I agree we should wait to judge, better yet, we should not judge him nor anyone else. It must be difficult to discipline teens, and I can see in some instances that a physical altercation is unavoidable. Would I hit, or choke a child, NO. There must be better ways to keep our teens inside the home and safely doing as we ask. But you may have to physically restrain them, and as citizen it is their right to call the police. Anyone can call the police. If I left a mark on the child, and the police notice it he/or she must make a decision on whether I "battered" the child. Police must use their judgment good or bad. Regarding the "Prosperity Gospel"... I personally think that prosperity is part of the Gospel. "Give and you shall Receive" is a great mantra to live by. That is why we volunteer, that is why we give back, that is also the basis of Karma. Do good & you will see good things in your own lives. Tithing is also a good and divine concept. Now do I think Pastors and/or churches should use that money to buy expensive cars and homes with the tithes. No. But maybe their parishioners need to see the Pastors doing good and living good...and I suppose that putting your money aspirations in your Pastor is better than trying to live like "the Jones"...At least they study the Bible In the poll question we asked, I would have chosen "It's Complicated", b/c to me most things are.
M Jackson June 09, 2012 at 04:26 PM
It won't be long before both daughters regret calling the police and when they grow older they will realize the anger they felt over missing the party was overblown. It seems a shame they would arrest a father over a scratch when there are so many cases of serious domestic abuse where the police leave the home after just warning the aggressor. Children that age have a tendency to exaggerate (I certainly did) so that may be why so many comments are in favor of Pastor Dollar. Perhaps instead or in addition to arresting the father, they should have called DFCS to remove HER to foster care since the situation is so bad at home.
M Jernice Flowers June 09, 2012 at 09:01 PM
U sound every MUCH OLD school1 I LOve it it... when we Attack our ParentsPUBLICLY wether they R right or wrong this means something serious rebeillion> Their Father Is Not there parents right now. there' is the father of lies the devil/enemy John 8; 44-47.Also see ISam 3;13 He (GOD)love the parents that will chaste there children. Read the www.Concordance.com LOOK up the words on discipline/parenting/spanking/ see what He says. see ALL the proverbs on Chastements. Those parents/ Indiviuals that will NOT except The WORD of GOD r rebels/heathens/ Infidels/ GOD will judged ALL our Actions. We ALL will stand before Him on our death days. I love what your parents did > they DID me the very same way! When i grewup in the 60's.70's and was really FULL Grown even in the 80's. We'd better not call the Who? The LAW? The Gov't is paying now for GOD made the Family 1st then Gov't after that!...Several reports said She Hit Him 1st. Local (Ch 5&46). ALL Parents that spank their children are considered GOOD in God's EYES!...He's keeping her from going to HELL/Jail before her time...Eph 6;3 honor thy Father and Thy Mother so it'll go WELL wiith thee. This RAP Music Movement, it saying disobey ALL Authority. UR Parents 1st!. Which get's that young person in trouble. Spiritually 1st..
M Jernice Flowers June 09, 2012 at 09:11 PM
I Sam 3:13, Prov 22:6&15,19:18, He rewards PARENTS that will spank there children... THEY R concidered Good parents in HIS eyes.. The rebel is the one who will believe the LIE!.. the devil that SLEW_FOOTED_DOG is the father of lies John 8;4-47 rumor mill alossays that she is on drugs! And they do ALTER your thinking!...Family ALTER is what they need together! e/day with them even if they go off to college!... I'd rather see them at age 25+ s/thing THAN burying them before there time. Now that's what GOOD parents ARE to do. But if you've DONE it ALL right! And they died early due to rebelling thru THIS FILTY RAP MUsic out here. Disobey ALL Authority!...Then He will take them home early(HEAVEN) so they want go to HELL!...
M Jernice Flowers June 09, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Delores Wynne correct to the POINT! Not trying to repeat myself.. see my comments I just stated HE(GOD) rewards good Parenting!... Rebellion is of the SIN of Witchcraft. The rumor mill says that she is on drugs, also. ANd they DO Alter your thinking... The other reports states from Ch5&46, she HIT him first. Whether you preach the Gospel from the Puplit or bed-rm/front-yrd/back-yrd/your JOB/TV/Twitter.com& FBook.com. Still Touch NOT thine annoited and DO thy prophets NO HARM!... They were in the right!...IT takes a whole village to raise a child!.. that OLD african proverbs is so very CLEAR!...do read my comments i'd left Jerry washington & patrica Varner. God Bless!...Your below comment is right. but we've to OBEY His Word if we r that bab>BornAgainBeliever. cog>ChildofGod. BRAVO! Hallelujah!>>>Pastor Crefllo! & Sis.Taffi
M Jernice Flowers June 09, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Marc God rewards GOOD parenting. read ALL the verses on rebellion/ disobedence. They wee in order! He estab the Fam 1st. then the Church, then the Gov't. Rebellion is asthe SINSof witchcraft! Eph 6;3 Honor thy Father and thy zMother that it may GO well w/thee. She was so very Wrong to CALL the LAW!... She hit him first. It says in proverbs BEAT the HELL out of them and they SHALL not die you will SVED there SOULS from HELL...All these Trans lation has so preverted the REAL KJV. and sullen minds of the heathen/rebel/infidels/sinner/unsaved those WHOM and can not u/stand becasue there minds are in darkness. John 8:44-47 he the devil is the father of lies, if you believe him.Then he is your father...That 's the REAL truth. Karma/mantra is NOT in the bible those teachings comes from the other GODS that wanted as well, as the REALTRUE word w/ there LIES!.. You can find there bodies. But YOU cant; find HIS body the REAL GOD of ALL GODS! Psalm 89. It does say give and it SHALL be gven good measure pressed down shaken together and running over that will,HE give back as you give UNTO HIM!... b/c most things are when u r NOT saved and seeking HIS FACE!... for the real true ans.
M Jernice Flowers June 10, 2012 at 05:26 AM
Amen! may the REAL/True spirit of Conviction over take them for this rebellion& they NOT yield to the Father of LIES,(john 8:44-47) who the devil that slew-footed-dog he really is.Set out to destroy you/spirit/mind/heart /body & soul that's his game plan.Not b4 they grow older you reap what you sow much faster NOW !than it use to be. when U set out to judge your parents GOD theFather gives you to have life,upon this Planet He created. But U curse yourself when u put them in JAIL! God created the Family 1st, it'sTHE parents CALL to get them in order 1st. Then If NOT then Hospital care/ or DFCS. But as He the Father teaches, The Father/The Son/ The HolyGhost/ The Parents/ extended Family/ the Church/ TheSchool/ that's HIS real TRUE order of Life and submission to ALL Authority!.God is created Theoacary. But later He Used Man to create create/developed Democary!.U appear to be under 25? or rt under 35 w/No children, nor have you ever babied sitted yet? He rewards the PARENT when they discipline there child(ren) it is considered GOOD/GREAT in The Fathers Eyes! Pls!do study all Scriptures on Discipline/parenting/rebellion/punishment to make change in the child ena even that adult that says/calls themsleves bac.Born Again christian, or cog.Child of GOD! They did right I would have hlepd him SPANK/Whooped her behind!.Pls see> I Sam 3:13, Prov 22:6&15,19:18, for a few of what is meant to obey!.. Wishing YOU His goodness,grace and mercy!... Shalom!=greatest peace forever and a day.
Vanessa Beasley June 16, 2012 at 02:48 AM
Pastor Dollar is human...yet I feel it should of been handled with thought...knowing that he lives in a "fishbowl". Teens are so difficult to handle.


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