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Rep. Bruce commissioned the forthcoming February 20th exhibit slated for 8am-12 noon in Room 216 at the Capitol. 

On the heels of Clyde Bradley receiving the Rainbow PUSH 2013 Volunteer of the Year award for his photography comes this salute to visual history.  Rep. Bruce was taken with the impact in the public eye, the continual coverage of the happenings, people, issues and history as a whole, of Clyde Bradley's multi-media postings. Giving homage to his mentors and associates, Clyde is getting a little help from his friends, Horace Henry, Sue Ross, Jim Alexander and Arthur "Bud" Smith.

Thus, the exhibit is set to highlight recent history chronicled by Atlanta's noted and unsung photographers and videographers in the trenches who give image to history of the community not covered in mainstream media.

To this end, from underground to under the Gold Dome comes the visual imprint of local and national Black history on the cusp of the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington.  From re-MEMBER SCLC, to honoring the Black life of Atlanta legend's homegoings, to groundbreakings and spirited rallies and press conferences to candid moments of politics, faith and community. 

Rep. Bruce invites the community to experience this voice of the voiceless presentation concepts.  This historical exhibit under the Dome, which honors the spirit of seasoned and novice photographers, dedicated to capturing moments in time will speak to your heart...

For more information to sponsor the exhibit, contact Rep. Bruce's Coordinator at 404.656.0314 or to schedule the exhibit, call 202.813.7462 or email to publiceyereport@gmail.com  visit www.publiceyereport.wix.com/voiceofthevoiceless1 now.



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