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The 2012 Odyssey Awards Luncheon will honor the dedication and commitment of several persons that have significantly impacted the success of Community Concerns, Inc. (CCI) in its mission of assisting persons in need of guidance and support as they move from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  This year on December 8, 2012, 12 noon at the Loudermilk Center, 40 Courtland Street, Atlanta, CCI will present its Odyssey Award to five honorees to include: corporate sponsor, State Farm Insurance Agent, Jimmy Jones; City of Atlanta Grants Manager, Julie Boyd; Community Supporter, Ms. Earnestine Garey of Invest Atlanta; Faith Community Volunteer, Rev.  Jake Givan, Chief Executive Officer  of Unity of Faith Christian Ministries, Inc., and the Odyssey Success Story  Client and residents at Odyssey Villas, Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Clem.  Luncheon tickets are $50 each and are tax deductible. The Odyssey Awards Luncheon is CCI’s annual fundraising event to underwrite the organization’s annual operations budget for continued services to homeless citizens in the metro area. Again, this year, Delta Airlines is the premier sponsor for the event.

 Homelessness is a serious problem in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  In fact, some experts estimate that between 10,000 and 20,000 people become homeless each day including men, women and children, resulting from a number of reasons such as job loss, physical illness, domestic violence, home foreclosures, and even natural disasters.  Rev. Dr. J. Allen Milner recognized the gravity of this issue in Atlanta and the Southeast and committed to eradicating the problem 30 years ago.  Since 1982 Dr. Milner and others who have joined him in his efforts to serve humanity by reaching out to its homeless citizens, began working with Odyssey III, initially as an outreach ministry of the Chapel of Christian Love Missionary Baptist Church, where Dr. Milner serves as Senior Pastor, He launched his crusade and operated from that location until 1988, providing daily meals for the homeless community in Atlanta.   In 1989, that ministry evolved and became Community Concerns Incorporated a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, and the Odyssey III Supportive Services Center.  With the new status also came expanded services to provide not only meals, but transitional housing, permanent housing, supportive services, and case management to assist persons in the transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency with the assurance that while its clients are experiencing homelessness, Odyssey also facilitates their movement to permanent housing and employment.  To date, CCI has provided a high level of assistance to include emergency, temporary, and permanent housing, employment counseling, and placement for more than 85,000 persons.

Now in its 24th year, CCI perseveres despite the challenging times of an unstable economy and budget cutbacks across corporate and civic organizations that are the base of support for this organization.  Dr. Milner says,“It is in this climate and with this in mind that I have re-committed myself to help uplift those who have not been as  fortunate as so many of us are.   And I am asking others to join me in giving and soliciting support from friends, family and business associates to raise awareness and finances for Community Concerns, Inc.  One way of accomplishing that is with the Odyssey Awards Luncheon each year.  And, I am happy to report that 90% of all resources received from our fundraising efforts go to strengthen this dynamic organization ‘that serves the people that society forgets’.”

Currently, CCI’s programs include: transitional and permanent housing for single women, women with children, and families (husband, wife and children); safe housing, case management and supportive services for people actively seeking jobs and better lives for themselves and their children.  

For more information about the Odyssey Awards Luncheon or the services and activities of Community Concerns Inc. and Odyssey III, call (404) 659-3390 or email James Milner II, Director of Community Concerns at jmilner@communityconcernsinc.org.


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