Zion Hill Baptist Church to Launch “Money Smarts Series” October 27

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Many families continue to fight to survive tough economic times. Many strive to identify why their bank accounts continue to leak money although they have made their best efforts to plug the holes. Retirees are unsure of the best strategies for maintaining savings, increasing income through consulting or navigating turbulent financial waters on a fixed income. Teens, college students and recent graduates just starting a work and career life want to know more about saving, investing and cash purchasing power. In response, Zion Hill Baptist Church. The “Money
Smarts Series”  attendees will be able to talk with experts about the best strategies for handling income,
credit, budgeting and debt. The perspectives include:

*Money Smarts for the “Next Stage” ages 25- 65 (Working adults have careers, perhaps families and are building wealth, or want to know the best steps for building wealth.)

*Money Smarts for Retirement ages 65+ (Older adults may not be seeking income actively; some may be consulting; many may be living on a fixed income or investments; others may be concerned about passing on wealth.)

* Money Smarts for Young People ages 13-25 (Young people are in the first part of their careers, whether it’s the first job ever, or it's the first job after college.
Saving, investing, credit and cash purchasing power are areas of exploration for those who want to make a strong start in handling their income effectively.)

The “Money Smarts Series” workshops will be held in four 2-hour segments that will be held concurrently. The segments are Credit, Debt, Budgeting and Income. The Series will be scheduled four times, so that participants can take part in each of the four segments.

Issues to be covered in the sessions include budgeting, understanding credit and debt, identifying sources of income and discovering new sources, spending—how one can impact its outcome, tithing and much, much more.

Members of the community can learn how to use their financial resources more efficiently, build and maintain wealth and provide for the work of the church through their tithes. Money Smarts is a service of the Zion Hill Baptist Church Community Action Business (CAB) Ministry.

For more information about the “Money Smarts Series”, call the church at 404-691-8025.

"Money Smarts" is a public service presentation of Zion Hill Baptist Church and does not serve as an endorsement of any individual presenter nor does it support any product or service of any presenter or
participant. All material or information provided is the responsibility of the presenter/participant.


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