CC_NPU-R [Concerned Citizens of NPU-R]

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Informal gathering of residents and stakeholders of Neighborhood Planning Unit R.

CALL TO ORDER || Invocation  ||  Introductions

Adoption of Agenda following modifications and/or additions


* Pressing Community Matters on the minds of those attending

Mayor/Office of Planning Grants $3500 per NPU [Fiscal Years 2012 AND 2013].

Fort McPherson and NPU-R stakeholders.  [Ft McPherson Meeting at Mt. Carmel]

Seeking Funds to invite more residents and stakeholders to NPU-R meetings.

Impact of school closures upon our community.

Having our views Included in the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) / Short Term Work Program (STWP) regarding our sidewalks, streets, traffic control and new developments.

Sidewalks; Lighted Crosswalks; Pedestrian Safety.


>> Prioritizing our concerns; developing strategies

>> CC_NPU-R Bylaws, including CC_NPU-R City Registration

>> SOP [Standard Operating Procedures manual]

>> Upcoming Elections: Nov 6 2012; Nov 5 2013]: Get Out & Vote Campaign

>> Campbellton Road Commercial District Tax Allocation District

>> Campbellton/Cascade Road Business Association?

>> Civic Engagement Department for the City of Atlanta?

>> Review/Compilation of Concerns Known/Expressed by Citizenry

>> CC_NPU-R Newsletters

Announcements; Concluding Comments



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