The Shrine of Black Madonna 'Announces' Kwanzaa 2013

"Building Unity to Strengthen Community'

Kwanzaa, is a Swahili word which means "First Fruits," it is a seven-day celebration (December 26 - January 1) that reaffirms our "forgotten" African past, connecting us to the history and struggles of Black people the world over. In 1966 Dr. Maulana
Karenga created the celebration of Kwanzaa based on ancient African harvest celebrations. Kwanzaa pays tribute to the rich cultural roots of African heritage. It's goal is to help Black people define and develop, cultural and political unity. Kwanzaa's Nguzo Saba (N-goo-zoh Sah-bah) is a value system of seven communal principles designed to guide our struggle for Freedom and Self determination.
Umoia {Oo-mot-jah} Unitv
Kuiichagulia (Coo-gee-cha-goo-lee-ah) Self Determination
Ujima (Oo-jee-mah) Collective Work & Responsibility
Ujamma (Oo-jah-mah) Cooperative Economics
Nia (Nee-ahh) Purpose
Kuumba {Coo-oom-ba) Creativity
lmani (Ee-mah-nee)  Faith

We are looking for Sponsors, Co-Host and volunteers to help celebrate the Seven Days of Kwanzaa in collaboration with the Shrine of the Black Madonna's Social Action Committee. 
All interested parties call:
404-444-6696 or email talkingdrum@live.com


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