Pete Aguilar is an Empty Suit

Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar is such a pathetic choice for the liberals in the newly drawn 31st Congressional District race. Another liberal candidate at least offers some character.

The first time I interviewed then-Redlands City Councilman Pete Aguilar in 2009, I wanted to knock on his suit and ask, “Is anybody in there?”

In my 20 years of newspaper reporting, I’ve interviewed thousands – if not 10,000 – politicos of all kinds, ranging from sitting congressmen to aspiring school board candidates. Rarely in that time have I ever come across an empty suit like Aguilar.

Empty suits are easy to spot in politics. They are the ones who are running to become somebody rather than statesmen, who run to accomplish something. Aguilar clearly fits into the first category.

For those who have never had to sit down and talk with somebody like Aguilar, his recent behavior clearly reinforces what I first thought of him when I was a reporter covering Redlands for The Press-Enterprise.

Most recently, Aguilar – coasting on being the liberal establishment candidate – did not even bother to submit a candidate statement to the well-read and trusted Voter Information Guide and Sample Ballot. The so-called “voter guide” is how voters get acquainted with upcoming elections. He is so arrogant about having the inside track among Democrats that he blew off unfamiliar voters heading into the June 5 primary.

Also, Aguilar chose to ignore conservative voters -- his future constituents if he wins -- altogether in April when he blew off a well-attended candidate forum of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots.

At least liberal candidate Justin Kim had the balls to appear. It takes guts to stand before unlike-minded voters and tell them that he would cut the military. I would never vote for Kim, but if he were win the new congressional District 31 seat in November, I would have mountains of respect for him.

C’mon Democrats. Aguilar is the best you’ve got? At least pick a Kim on June 5 – a candidate with some character.

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Ken Hunter June 05, 2012 at 03:04 PM
Now that the Mayor and two other council members signed on to the resolution against the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United...I am confident that all three of them will immediately return any and all contributions they have recieved or likely to recieve from "Corporations, Unions and Special Interests". "Unions and Special Interests" language was added by Councilmember Harrison, Mayor Petes' body language said he did not like that- but went along with it to get the resolution passed. While absoluely No One expects any of the three who voted for that resolution to abide by it themselves...it highlights how elected representatives know what is best and makes rules and resolutions for others to live by while excluding themselves.
John F. Berry June 06, 2012 at 08:25 AM
Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks Aguilar is an empty suit. Election returns are still coming in, but you've got to be a crappy candidate to be running third in a district with a massive Democrat advantage like congressional District 31. Aguilar, the annointed one among Democrat insiders, should have won tonight in a walk-off homerun. Even if he manages to finish in the top two, and qualify for the November election, he's still a sucky candidate. Tonight's returns proves it. I'm sure the Democrat bosses are kicking themselves in the nuts for picking Aguilar.
Gabitalk June 06, 2012 at 04:57 PM
I guess an 'empty suit' is just not enough for the 20% who are "aware" voters. We know what he is about. Faux liberal, handy pick for Redlands Rebuglicans. Time for voters to take back control of electoral system. This "Lucha Libre" fake partisanship funded by special interest big money can be stopped.
John F. Berry June 07, 2012 at 05:03 AM
You have got to suck as a candidate to, after receiving the party's blessings, finish third in a majority Democrat district. I really think Republicans wanted to run against Aguilar because he would have been so easy to stomp out during a general election campaign. As my buddy Phil Namen said on the taping of our Redlands Tea Party radio today, Aguilar does deserve a bronze medal -- along with a ribbon for participation. Note to self: Go out and get an "Aguilar for Congress" yard sign as a political souvenir because they all disappear.
SBSWZ June 10, 2012 at 12:50 AM
Why are there still triplet Aguilar signs around town? Am I allowed to take one and save it if it is on an empty lot?


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