His Day is Done: A Tribute Poem by Maya Angelou for Nelson Mandela

Maya Angelou leaves us all feeling better after this poem for one of the world's greatest leaders

"His Day is Done" by Maya Angelou
"His Day is Done" by Maya Angelou
The U.S. Department of State released a wonderful tribute poem for Nelson Mandela by acclaimed author, poet, and friend to Southwest Atlanta, Ms. Maya Angelou.

This is a, "video message delivered by Dr. Maya Angelou on behalf of the American people in memory of Nelson Mandela," wrote the State Department.

"His Day is Done. The news came on the wings of a wind reluctant to carry its burden. Nelson Mandela's Day is Done." That is how Maya Angelou starts this powerful poem that does a great job of capturing what's in the hearts and minds of our own community.  We were all sad to see the great peacemaker pass on.

The largest number of foreign leaders ever was in attendance Tuesday morning in South Africa to memorialize the revolutionary that became the 1st black president of the African country.

Here you can find the video of President Obama's moving tribute while in South Africa for the ceremony.


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