City Of South Fulton

I am in agreement with ALL who support South Fulton Becoming a City, The time has come for ALL of us too take control of our furture. The information I  received on Sat. was very helpful to me and I am all for the change..........GOD BLESS.
James Reese February 21, 2014 at 05:06 PM
@SFG I do live Cliftondale not Walden Park. I love the independent nature of Unincorporated South Fulton. I didn't build my home in a city on purpose. You're right my family and I are under the threat of forced annexation vs city hood. No choice vs a choice. I choose CITYHOOD. After reading the Report for myself I undertook several weekends of crunching 2014 SSD Revenue and Expenditures rather than 2012 (20 years of budgeting experience). I found a new city would be in a better place financially. It's simple. Take the 2014 Budgeted Revenues and add the LOST, recovered cost allocation, fund balance and franchise fees. You come up with close to $76 million (more than the $65 million in the Report). You can spend anywhere from $47 million (Report figure, no admin functions) to $67 million (includes an administrative functions and robust Public Works) and you'll come close to having more than $8 million in surplus. You and your colleagues have had more than six years to be annexed by Atlanta or what have you. You chose not to because it failed the first time when people realize APS awaited them (dodged bullet #2). Just admit you guys have ideological differences that will not allow ya'll not to support the team that is leading this effort. I will continue to give out as much truthful information that I can. People need to hear the truth and nothing but the the truth. You know all the cities in S Fulton including Atlanta, sans Chatt Hills TOTAL tax bill is more that the SSD. There are cost related to living in Atlanta that aren't being discussed namely Sanitation costs. Maybe to some of you and double in the cost of sanitation is nothing to others it matters. It's important to know Atlanta pays Fulton County SSD $250,000 for fire protection along the Dansforth corridor. The maturity of a city doesn't mean a thing when it comes to finances. East Point problems have been legendary and Atlanta's are damn near common. Around 2008 the city found out they had an accounting error that nearly rendered it broke. They closed recreation center and sought assistance from the private sector. Funny thing though, Sandtown was working hard to get folks to annex into Atlanta just before this all happened but it failed (dodged bullet #1). At the end of the day a new city is the best alternative. There's no reason the fiscally sound policies can't continue under the same people in the Finance Dept but, under the new city. That goes for the all of the services. Vetting those that will seek office is going to be a priority. Strong fiscal policies will win the day win it comes to making sure our new city STAYS on solid financial footing. Personality Politics be damned.
Rodney Littles February 22, 2014 at 08:43 PM
Well I could not have said it better. Thanks for your interest and passion for the truth. This SFGuy reminds me of the Republicans in Washington. If the truth smacked them in the head they would not know it. The citizens be damned they do not like the POTUS so they say anything and mislead the public. We appreciate your fiscal review. It is spot on!!!
James Reese February 24, 2014 at 05:01 PM
The latest "tell" that is making the rounds is that City of Atlanta residents paying their Solid Waste Bills can write them off on their Federal Income Tax to recoup the cost, that's not true. The Solid Waste Bills are collected separate from the Property Taxes by Fulton County. Even if you escrow your yearly solid waste which can be anywhere from about $400 to over $500 depending upon your property size. If you do you will be committing tax fraud. Be careful of what you are being told. Review Topic 503 http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc503.html
Rodney Littles March 08, 2014 at 08:22 PM
Monday the Senate will take up the bill for a vote. A few amendments have been added based up complying with current law and a tax increase restriction provision. To raise the rate above 1% the Administration would have to put it to a vote of the residents. The vote on the referendum would be moved to this November. We have continued to share the truth with local HOA leaders and gained a lot of support to incorporate our City. Thanks to Senator Donzella James, State Reps. Jones, Mabra and the Prime sponsor Roger Bruce for their support.


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