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Leslye "JOY" Allen February 07, 2012 at 12:26 AM
Personally, I enjoyed the film "Red Tails." Since I am a historian, I am always cautious about assigning film the duty of total accuracy when it comes to history. "Red Tails" managed to capture the fact that ALL Tuskegee Airmen had some kind of nickname. The character of "Lightning" portrayed by Black British actor David Oyelowo (pronounced "Oh-Yellow-Oh") was a great example. He was also a bit of a hotdog pilot who showed off--this was also something many Tuskegee Airmen were guilty of, including the late Lt. Col. Charles Dryden (smile). The film did not skimp on demonstrating the rampant racism prevalent during this era. However, it is worth noting that the supporting cast (Nate Parker, Tristan Wilds, LaGrange, Georgia's own Elijah Kelley, and David Oyelowo) was much better than the better known members of the cast. It was a feel good movie, and we do need feel good movies. Some reviews have been mixed. However, I think we need to consider that it is always difficult to tell several years worth of history in a couple of hours. Go see it. The aerial combat scenes are incredible--and our young, Black valiant Tuskegee Airmen never looked so valiant. Enjoy!


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