4 Morehouse Athletes Arrested for Sexual Assault During Month of April

Details of the 4 arrested Morehouse students last month are just now starting to surface from Morehouse PD.

According to reports, 4 Morehouse College students were arrested in April for sexual assault.

CBS Atlanta is reporting that, "Malcolm Jamal Frank, Tevin Mgbo, Chukwudi Ndudikwa, and Lucien Kidd were arrested in April."

The Atlanta Police Department told Cascade Patch that they were not involved with the arrest or investigation, and that Morehouse Police took the lead.

The AJC reported that, "Ndudikwa, Frank and Kidd were all charged with rape.  Mgbo was charged with sodomy, kidnapping and reckless conduct."

Cascade Patch was provided redacted versions of 2 police reports from the Morehouse Police Department which indicated there were 2 separate assault cases during the month of March involving Morehouse students. 

According to Morehouse Police incident reports, Malcolm Jamal Frank, Tevin Mgbo, Chukwudi Ndudikwa allegedly had non-consenting sex with an 18-year-old Spelman student.  The assault was said to have occurred on campus at the Otis Moss Suites, a student housing facility, on March 8th.  The 3 individuals were arrested on April 11th.

The fourth arrest stemmed from an unrelated incident in which Lucien Kidd is suspected of forcing himself onto a Spelman student at an off-campus location.  WSB says that Kidd was a football player and a transfer student from Georgia State University.  In the Morehouse Police report, officers indicate that the incident occurred on March 27th.  The victim told officers that she told Kidd to stop, and repeatedly screamed, "No! No! No!".  After he finished, the victim told police, "he got up and said, 'did I lose a friend,' and started laughing."

Kidd was also arrested on April 11th and charged with one count of rape.

Fulton County Jail records show that all of the four students were released from jail on $10,000 bond.


In March, there were two alleged assault incidents involving Morehouse students.

After the information was brought to the attention of campus police, the suspectswere identified and arrested.

While we cannot speak to specifics of these cases, our policies and procedures call for disciplinary actions against students who violate our code of conduct and the law, up to and including dismissal from the College.

Morehouse has a zero tolerance policy related to violence of any kind. Violence is the very antithesis of the Morehouse ethos and the values of a Morehouse Man.

Morehouse College police are working with the Fulton County District Attorney's Office and will continue to do so until these cases are resolved.


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