APD "Latest Shootings Near Cascade, Not Random"

The Atlanta Police say the latest murders in the area were not random shootings.

The Atlanta Police Department shared with the Westview, West End, and beech Hills communities that the recent murders in the area were not random acts of violence.  Major Bryant told residents that, "the shooters and the victims knew each-other," in the most recent cases.

Due to the fact the investigations were still ongoing, the officer could not go into depth about the incidents, but he wanted to community to feel a little bit safer by knowing that the murders were not random.  There were 3 recent murders near Cascade.  Terry Porter was robbed and killed outside of his home, a young man was killed on Beecher near Cascade, and another person was killed on S. Gordon. 

In all of these cases, APD says that the victim knew the shooter. 


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