APD Needs Assistance Identifying Armed Robber at an Adamsville Food Mart

Armed man in mask and jump suit, holds up store and 5 kids make off with 10 bags of chips.

Customer flees when man with a gun enters the store.
Customer flees when man with a gun enters the store.
The Atlanta Police Department has released surveillance footage of an armed robbery that occurred on November 30th at 3550 MLK Dr., Welcome Food Mart.

In the attached video you see a man in an orange snow-suit and mask walk into the food mart with a long rifle in his hand.  The suspect paces back and forth, allegedly demanding money.  Other surveillance cameras at the location capture roughly 5 other young men (they look younger than the gunman) run into the store after the gunman and steal bags of food located near the front of the door.

The following is from the first responding police officer, R. Grande (unit 1406):
The employee of the Store Mr. Akhtar advised that he was getting ready to close the store when a black male wearing a mask and orange jumpsuit entered the store with along rifle. The man pointed the rifle at him and said "give me the money'. At this point the employee ducked underneath the counter. The counter is surrounded by plexiglass and there is no way to gain aocess without breaking it or the locked door. Mr. Akhtar said that when he refused to answer, the male hit the plexiglass with the back of the rifle twice. The plexiglass showed no major signs of damage. At this point other black males entered the store and they began to steal chips and popcorn from the front counter. The males then all ran away from the scene heading southwest towards Fairburn from Martin Luther King.

It is believed by the officers that the men live in the area, and they may have been caught on camera before at either this same store or at the McDonald's which is located across the street.

Luckily no injuries were reported and the suspects only made off with 10 or so bags of chips.  Still this is a violent act, and could have gone tragically different.  The Atlanta Police department is requesting your help in identifying these suspects.  You can remain anonymous, if need be.

If you have any information on the identity of the suspects shown in this video, please call Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS(8477).


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