APD Tips for Staying Safe this Holiday Season

Learn what to do and NOT to do this holiday season.


Warning, thieves are lurking around shopping centers watching you as you get out the car and go for your holiday shopping.  They are at the malls, at the grocery stores, and at the local shopping centers.  Zone 1 Commander shared his thoughts on how to stay safe this season.

The main tip I think is useful, is to put your valuables in the trunk before you park your car.  If criminals see that you put items in your trunk then walk into the store, they already know exactly where to look for items in your car and they are able to get in and out much quicker.

I personally started to put my cameras and other work equipment in the trunk before I arrive somewhere, because I know that people are always watching.  In fact, if I find that I have forgotten to put my personal items in the trunk as I'm pulling up to the shopping center, I will often go into a gas station or some other parking lot, and put my items in the trunk before returning to my original destination.

Take heed and have a safe and wonderful Holiday, from Cascade Patch!!!


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