East Point Police Find Millions of Dollars of Fake Merchandise Near Greenbriar

$4000 bag for $30...sounds like a deal, right?

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Getty Images
East Point police officers spent hours Thursday afternoon, clearing out a fake storefront that had an elaborate fake purse and merchandise scam going on along Headland Drive.

According to CBS the raided business/businesses were in The Shops at Greenbriar plaza. 

East Point police said they were able to take $10-$20 million worth of product off the streets. (That dollar amount is based on what the genuine articles are worth)  Within the store these items were being sold for about $30 or $40 a piece, even though the authentic items would be around $4000 a piece.

According to East Point, 4 people were arrested and charged with trademark and copyright infringement.  East Point was apparently tipped off by Federal authorities, who take the selling of counterfeit merchandise very seriously.

Lt. Cliff Chandler told reporters that this business had a secret elaborate setup once inside.  There were false walls erected and secret passageways to get to the fake merchandise, that not even the owners of the building knew about.

Many young people who are buying these fake bags and merchandise, may not realize that they are partaking in a crime.  Federal investigators take counterfeiting very serious, so you must use caution or you may get arrested for the knock-off purse.

Apparently outside the Greenbriar Mall area and even around the Mall of West End, are hotbeds for counterfeit activity as well as undercover police investigations.

If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is a fake and you're about to engage in an illegal transaction.  Know Before You Buy!


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