Fallen Tree Across Cascade Road; Downed Power Lines

Georgia Power crews continue to work to restore power Cascade area residents.

After days of wet weather, a large old tree in-front of a house on Cascade Road tipped over on Thursday morning taking power lines with it.

The tree completely blocked Cascade Road near Boulevard Lorraine.  The first call to police was at 4 a.m., by 9 a.m. the tree had been cut in pieces and removed from the street.  Georgia Power crews were still on the scene trying to restore power to an estimated 200 homes in the area. 

Multiple light poles were damaged.  A Georgia Power worker on the scene said that, "it'll probably take us a few more hours until we are finished."  He said after that, he and their trucks will probably station themselves up in North Georgia ahead of the winter snow storm that may come this afternoon.

Did this traffic detour lengthen your commute today?  Do you have your own pictures from the scene?  Share with us below!


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