Former Hotel on Fulton Industrial Burns to the Ground

Firefighter tried to save the former InHome Suites, but were unsuccessful.

Atlanta Fire Fighters responded early Tuesday morning to a call of an abandoned building on fire near the edge Southwest Atlanta.

The abandoned building was once the InHome Suites located at 660 Interchange Drive SW, near the corner of Martin Luther King Dr. and Fulton Industrial Boulevard.

Firefighters were forced to let the building burn to the ground, as the flames encompassed the entire building upon their arrival at 1a.m., according to a CBS report.  The fire department has said that they were still at the scene this morning inspecting and putting out any hotspots that arise.

Part of the reason that firefighters initially had to back away from the fire and watch it burn was because of open gas mains, and the department was forced to wait until they could cap them before being safe enough to move in and contain the blaze.

There is no word as to the cause of the fire yet, though it is believed the building was completely abandoned and no injuries were suffered.


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