Video: Gunshots on Princess Ave. near Avon and Lee Street

Streets were shutdown midday in Oakland City as Atlanta Police search for a gunman.

The Atlanta Police Department was on the scene in an Oakland City neighborhood searching for a gunman via SWAT, helicopter, and officers on foot for at least 3 hours Thursday around noon.

According to Officer Kim Jones, the incident occurred around 10 a.m. on Thursday morning on Princess Avenue, near Lee St in Southwest Atlanta.

Shortly after 10:00 am, Zone 4 Crime Suppression Units attempted to stop and question a suspicious male in the area of Princess Ave. The male was riding on a bicycle. The male did not cooperate with police. He got off the bicycle and went behind a house.  At that point officers heard a gunshot.  Officers took cover and requested additional units to the area. A perimeter has been established and SWAT personnel are on scene. - Kim Jones

The streets affected by this closure were Oakland Ave; between Oakland Terrace and Wilmington Ave.,and Avon Ave; between Indale and Princess Ave.

Finch Elementary was put on lock-down, only as a precaution.

In the video, Kim Jones answered questions about the incident.  At the time of the video the handgun had not been found, but now it has.  No suspect has been identified, though as we (media) finished up asking Officer Jones questions, a young lady walked up to our position and said she "heard it was her brother."

The young woman was a juvenile, and her claims could not be confirmed, yet officers did bring her to the side and question her more in detail.  Undercover officers looked through her phone and saw pictures of her brother, but were not 100% convinced that was the person they were looking for.  As of 2 p.m., a suspect has not been officially identified by the police department.


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