More than 5 Families Lose Everything in Early Morning Apartment Fire on Delowe Dr.

More than 20 people will be displaced after Wednesday morning's apartment fire at Alison Court Apartments.

The holiday season was almost all ruined by an early morning fire that ripped through the Alison Court apartments located on Delowe Drive, just north of Langford Parkway in Southwest Atlanta.  More than 20 people are expected to be displaced by the fire, reported the Red Cross.

Several families have told the AJC that they lost everything including Christmas gifts for the children and all of their major and minor possessions.  In one case, the AJC is reporting that a family says that there was more than enough time for Atlanta Fire Fighters to save the apartments, but that they had a faulty hose with holes in it.

The Atlanta Fire Department has reported that they were indeed slowed down by the limited number of hydrants in the complex. 

The fire may have been started by a space heater.  One of the displaced residents said she woke up and saw her whole wall engulfed in flames.  She had just enough time to retrieve her daughter, while also knocking on her neighbors doors to wake them up and warn them.  This resident, Parthenia Minor, told the AJC that she thinks the fire started from her space heater.

Thankfully, no one was killed in the blaze that started around 6:15am Wednesday morning.  Investigators are still on the scene to find out the official cause of the fire and to answer questions about possible faulty hydrants and hoses.


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