News Nearby: 70 Year-Old East Point Woman Says Police Manhandled Her

Artvetta Jones from East Point says her experience with East Point police was "devastating."

Artvetta Jones is a 70 year-old East Point resident, who says she was ruffed up a few weeks ago by East Point police for no apparent reason.

According to her claims and the report by WSB, Mrs. Jones had a run-in with police at the intersection of Gray Wall Dr. and Hedland Dr. The intersection was closed due to a standard roadblock, but the incident escalated as Mrs. Jones proceeded to stop for the officers.

In the WSB report, Jones says that she was asked by an officer to turn off her car engine once he began to look at her driver's license and the car starting making troubling sounds.  Mrs. Jones did not want to turn off her engine, because she thought if she turned it off, it would not start-up again.

At that point the officer told her to get out of the car, and as she did she says he grabbed her wrists and started to pat her down like a criminal, all in-front of her 2 grandchildren who were also in the car.  Mrs. Jones was taken to the officers backseat and held for nearly an hour, away from her 2 small grandchildren who were made to wait during this entire ordeal.

After an hour of investigating Mrs. Jones, the officer was able to only write her a ticket for not having a seat-belt on her grandchildren properly.

The East Point Police department released a statement:

The East Point Police Department takes all citizen complaints seriously. The case has been referred to the departmental Internal Affairs Unit and is being investigated. At this time we cannot comment on an open investigation.

More on this story can be found on the WSB website.


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