Pedestrian Killed in Hit & Run Accident on Bakers Ferry and MLK

A woman has been killed Tuesday morning while walking, the driver is still wanted.

Officer Lyon of the Atlanta Police Department has confirmed that one person was killed in an early Tuesday morning in a hit & run accident.  The crime occurred near the Bakers Hills neighborhood, near I-20 and MLK.

APD released a brief statement saying, "the collision occurred at 3620 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive S.W. near the intersection at Bakers Ferry Rd around 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning."  Investigators closed Bakers Ferry and drivers are being detoured onto Fairburn Road.

Carlos Campos with Atlanta Police said that the victim, "Cassandra Head, a 53-year-old female, was reported as being in the cross walk when a dark-colored SUV came through the light heading east and struck the victim with the front of the vehicle."

The impact caused the victim to be knocked onto the sidewalk causing severe injuries. Witnesses told officers that vehicle did not stop and drove off.

According to police, the victim died at the scene and was transported to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Cassandra Head leaves behind a large family of 5 children and 16 grandchildren.  The driver and his/her dark colored SUV with probably front-end damage is still being sought after.


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