Shot APD Officer Returns Home; Answers Behind the Bloody Mugshot

The APD officer that was shot at the West End Mall has returned home.

Good news for the family of APD Officer Robinson who was shot in the face near West End Mall, arrived this weekend when Robinson left the hospital to finish his recovery at home with his family.

Frank Nance is accused of shooting the officer in the face when the officer began investigating what he thought was a drug deal on the night of January 11th.  A short foot pursuit occurred as Robinson approached a group of young men, and Nance is suspected of firing a weapon and striking Robinson.

Some questions have been raised about the arrest of Nance at the scene of the crime and the extent of his cuts and bruises that can be seen in his mugshot.

According to an AP report, Officer Andre Bent caught up to Nance after Nance had fired at his fellow officer.  Bent says that Nance turned toward him with his left hand raised, and to protect himself the officer struck Nance with his service weapon and fired one shot in the air.

CBS Atlanta reports that, "On Friday Nance's sister told The Associated Press her brother suffers from seizures.  She says officers continued to hit him after he passed out from a seizure."

The police reports states that Nance was resisting arrest and that the officer hit Nance in the face with his gun because he feared for his life.

Send your words of support for Officer Robinson as he recovers!  Also tell us in the comments if you think APD used excessive force when arresting Nance.

J.L.Hutcherson January 29, 2013 at 03:11 PM
Three things u shouldn't do. 1.Run from the police,2.shoot the police,3 Act like you're going to shoot another police,youdo those things all bets are off! Crime is through the roof,we have to stop these thugs.By the way,what corner was Mr.Nance's sister chillin on,to see the "beatdown" happen
jcb January 29, 2013 at 05:33 PM
His butt SHOULD be cut up!! He's lucky he's not dead...yet!
Larry January 30, 2013 at 02:16 PM
Hate it for ya Mr. Nance. You shoot a cop and your family acts like you're the victim? First thing you need to learn as a street thug, street justice is harsh and sometimes deadly.


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